E~ Gunmans coat Moss 704 credits
by Guest_Unit82717 Date Added: Saturday 25 June, 2011
This truely is a brilliant coat. The collar is not too high as to mask the features, but does give the wearer a mysterious look when viwed from the side, the lack of sleeves is very cool, and the way it flows out at the waist makes this stand out miles apart from other long dusters that simply flow down to the feet. It gives it mass and volume, and cuts an impressive figure even when stood still or seated. More coats should look to this one for inspiration, truely an amazing product and I am so very glad it was my first buy when I joined IMVU :)

Rating: 5 of 5 Flaming Jalapenos! [5 of 5 Flaming Jalapenos!]
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E~ Gunmans coat Moss