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by SammieSioux Date Added: Saturday 01 May, 2010
At first it wasn't working when i bought it, but i soon found out it was no fault of the product but, rather, of my own technotarded self. Once i got 'er going, i totally fell in love with this radio. It is so much better than the ones my friends have. There are a ton of stations (although i did find that the 24 oldies and the Musik Goldies stations are identical) and they have just about a little bit of something for everybody (except us opera fans, but i imagine we are the minority who don't get much company.) The thing i like the most is the volume control: it is accurate with every level not being too loud or too soft (you know when you click the button and its too soft so you go up one and its way too loud -- none of that here.) unfortunately, my favorite room does not allow it to stick to the walls so it is on the floor and my avi is laying on her back when on the nodes, lol. other than that, it is a truly amazing product and i recommend it.

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[T] DC Radio MP3 Player