It’s the World Football Championship Finals, and you're about to lead your team to victory.  The score is tied at 2-2.  Your teammates are anxious to take the trophy, but the opposing team isn’t going to give up that easily.  Are you ready to deliver a spectacular winning kick?!  If so, pack your bags – it’s time to compete in outrageous matches, perform insane tricks, and have nonstop fun with your friends.  Hurry, before the excitement is over!

The World Football Championship Bundle activities include:
  • Wear your favorite football uniform while playing.
  • Stretch your muscles before the championship game.
  • Listen to your fans cheer and scream your name at the top of their lungs.
  • Train with team members in the field by passing, goalkeeping, shooting, and ball domination.
  • Compete in an enormous football stadium with a full crowd:
Furniture and Item Details
** Note: To sync animation - Right click on your partner, and then select any interactive action.  The animation will start after the interaction ends.

** Freestyle Ball and World Cup Podium: To stop the CUP, click on the standing spot. To sync the CUP with the avatar, click back on the animated spot.
IMVU World Football Arena
Football Ball Kick 1
Freestyle Ball
Football Ball Kick 2
Football Passages
World Cup Podium
Fans Bench
Sprint Run Animation
Stretching Animation
IMVU Football Wall Flag
(M) Generic IMVU Jersey
(M) Generic IMVU short
(M) Generic Football Shoes
(M) Blue Football Socks v2
(F) Generic IMVU Jersey
(F) Generic IMVU Short
(F) Pink Football Socks
More gears from humbertonet and guitarland

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