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Never learned how to play an instrument?
No problem. In this bundle, you're a master (or a maestro!) Get ready for applause when the curtains part, and all eyes are on you! If you're the music lover and not the performer, there are even more poses to discover. This bundle is full of music appreciation, and there's even a special hug pose to share with that special musical someone. Now you are able to fully explore this romantic theatrical environment:
  • Shine with one of the four red carpet-ready poses as you make your way to the center stage
  • Play the songs that attract the musically inclined and inspire millions... well, at least the ones you wish to share your talents with!
  • Discover all 30 standing spots and 10 poses, including a romantic embrace!
  • Awe the crowd when the animated piano and instruments synchronize into one brilliant melody
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