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Welcome to The D|D|B Group. We are a supportive and fun loving group of talented individuals. We have Creator Challenges,Outfit Contests,Games,Giveaways,and more. Participate and Dare to be You!

NewPost by Slate on 04/24/2017 11:35:55am

  • Proprietario: Kongan
  • Categoria: Moda
  • Dimensione: 83 membri
  • Attivo: 1 giorni fa

Victus is a *hiressnap based competition. 20k in winnings!

NewPost by Kongan on 04/23/2017 06:50:13pm
 Re: Exile
"[center][color=white]... ..."

  • Proprietario: MrsTriniSticks
  • Categoria: Giochi di ruolo
  • Dimensione: 5 membri
  • Attivo: 3 ore fa

ONLY for the staff of Prestigious Loving Hands Maternity Clinic

NewPost by LaurynSanchez on 04/24/2017 04:00:22pm
 Sticky: Re: TIME SHEET
"[b][size=16px][color=green]CLOCK IN[/b][/size][/co..."

  • Proprietario: Destinyy
  • Categoria: Moda
  • Dimensione: 504 membri
  • Attivo: 1 giorni fa

DOLL™ is a fabulous modelling competition with shocking twists and turns. Searching for the 'Top Doll' of IMVU. Win 35K, be the face of DOLL™ & a custom creation of your choice + more!

NewPost by Destinyy on 04/23/2017 12:24:43pm
 Re: Updαтeѕ
"[center][size=11px][color=#e02f4f] FallenAngelduh..."

  • Proprietario: Screwball
  • Categoria: Divertimento & Altro
  • Dimensione: 1615 membri
  • Attivo: 4 ore fa

My place to do whatever the hell I want..

NewPost by Screwball on 04/24/2017 03:38:32pm
 Re: 🎁 Weekly Giveaway (4/23 - 4/30)
"Sent! You are welcome!"

  • Proprietario: tsukinozomi
  • Categoria: Giochi di ruolo
  • Dimensione: 3 membri
  • Attivo: 33 minuti fa

Time has restart and now for a newer better beginning to bestow among us.

NewPost by TanleyAshe on 04/24/2017 07:14:03pm
 Re: Shinjuku Gyoen National Park
"Natalia was silent as she didn't dare to spea..."

  • Proprietario: DollBabyChronicles
  • Categoria: Moda
  • Dimensione: 3 membri
  • Attivo: 6 minuti fa

Trance is an imvu bases agency only. We are all about diversity and are looking for creative and stylish models.

NewPost by Dertiz on 04/24/2017 07:41:11pm
 Model Application.
"[center][color=silver][size=25px]Name: Avatar..."

  • Proprietario: Syleste
  • Categoria: Moda
  • Dimensione: 109 membri
  • Attivo: 22 ore fa

A new modeling competition that will strengthen your skills and push your limits. Join today to compete for a chance to win 50k and more!

NewPost by Arcadyen on 04/23/2017 08:57:04pm
 Re: V | Announcements
"[center][size=10px][i] A 24 hour extension has be..."

  • Proprietario: MrsSmartTeaseMayson
  • Categoria: Moda
  • Dimensione: 277 membri
  • Attivo: 6 minuti fa

CATWALK is IMVU's upscale Modeling & Fashion Competition Hosting Agency!! We host live competitions!

NewPost by sabienna on 04/24/2017 07:41:04pm

  • Proprietario: THEendOmega
  • Categoria: Giochi di ruolo
  • Dimensione: 4 membri
  • Attivo: 24 minuti fa

What is written, is true, within the existence of those words. If I say I am a knight in shining, silver armor. You can see the glare of the sun off the steel plates. What is, is written, handmade.

NewPost by xTheWickedLadyx on 04/24/2017 07:23:11pm
 Re: The Unseen Kingdom
"Lennox runs her hands through his hair, "Shhh..."

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