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“This is a group for furry devs to offer or receive free derives.”

This is a group for furry devs to offer or receive free derives.

Membership: Open
Group Owner: Guest_FurryDerives
Category: Content Creators & Entrepreneurs
Date Formed: 2014-01-05 14:33:08
Members: 535

The Soapbox


Group Rules:
Keep all language and images GA.
Keep all personal issues and "drama" away from this group.
Do not make duplicate threads, check to see what threads exist before posting.

Group Owner: Mewcifer
Group Officers:
Mewcifer, Kaybi, Saffire

List of free derive threads can be found here

Want to offer free derives?
Simply make a new thread. Be sure to include all your rules for free derives.
The thread will be checked and approved if it meets the guidelines.
Then you can start giving your free derives!

Want to host a derivation contest here?
Message Mewcifer to gain permission and it can be arranged.

Want to host an auction here?
This group will only allow mesh auctions. This group does not ask for a take of what the auction makes.
Message Mewcifer to gain permission and it can be arranged.

I also highly suggest that every creator with meshes in their shop submit those meshes to the Furry Derivables website whether they offer free derives or not.

If you have any questions about or suggestions for the group feel free to pm Mewcifer.

Active Members

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Shout Board


Guest_Vanny6: HI! Just joined today! :3 <3 Let's be friends!! <3

Guest_xSkyeQueenx: Hello everyone, I hope you all are having a great day!

Pepplez: Hi, Have a Nice Day !!!!!

Guest_manuke: Hello people, i hope you are all having a great day! (: P)

DiamondBones: This group is awesome xp I invited my new fur dev friend, cuz this group is very helpful!

1Baba1: hey guys, glad to join you ^^

SharkBait: are there any sharky hip fins out there :c?

Darkykinz: Hey Everyone, I'm new to you know where I can get donation help?

Tivoi: New Double suit, For animation or any use in my Free dervie shop.

HugMe: Will be trying stuff out soonish...awesome group!

Mewcifer: tis done :3

Saffire: can there be a general thread for general things or just questions in general?

Saffire: -creeps in-

Mewcifer: Don't be shy if you want to offer free derives!

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